Hi! I'm Peter.

I'm a third-generation landscape & nature photographer and I live near Castle Rock, Colorado. My grandfather was a professional photographer back in the days of film, so I've been taking pictures ever since I inherited his Beseler Topcon. 

The highlight of my photography career is the cover shot on the second edition of National Geographic Traveler's Peru guidebook. I was lucky enough to notice the shot and not scare off those llamas. 

Why do I do voluntarily get up hours before dawn to be ready to greet the sun? 

The striking thing about cities is all the human stuff. It makes me feel like a teeny, tiny part of a giant whirring machine. The entire environment has been handmade. Subways, skyscrapers, restaurants, museums and tourist trinkets are all about humans crafting their place in the world.

The striking thing about being out in nature is the lack of human stuff. Being outside in Colorado makes me feel like a tiny guest in a place that's been getting along fine for thousands of years on its own. Sometimes, the extent of the human involvement consists of a road that gets you to a trail head.

There is new research that shows time spent in nature has measurable positive effects on wide range of things. It can lower stress, reduce inflammation, and improve concentration. Some studies also indicate that workers who took breaks to view images of nature experienced similar effects.  

If one of my photos on the lock screen of a phone or set as the desktop on an office computer helps make someone’s day a little bit brighter, I'll call that a win.

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